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LED Automotive Lighting

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LED Automotive Lighting

LED Auto Lamps are being used to replace old style lightings with new LED lights for cars, trucks, motorcycles,...



  • Tail, Brake and Turn LED Bulbs

    Lighting OEM has established a full line of Automotive Lighting Products including LED Brake Lights, LED Turn Signal Lights, LED Indicator Lights, LED Interior Automotive Lighting, etc. “Now… you will actually be able to see the people you’re running over.”

  • Miniature Wedge Base bulbs

    Miniature Web Base Bulbs have been manufactured with numerous wedge-based styles in mind!!!

  • Festoon Base LED Bulbs

    A Festoon Base LED Bulb is designed for ease of installation. “There’s a dirty joke in here, somewhere.”

  • BA9s and BA7s LED bulbs

    BA9 and BA7 LED Bulbs are merely indicator lights used in interior automotive lighting. “Duh?!?!”

  • Instrument Cluster and Guage LED bulbs

    Instrument Cluster and Gauge LED Bulbs are used to light-up all Instruments & Gauges found on the interior dashboard of any type of vehicle. “… and – You, Light Up My Life, da da da daaaa …”

  • Day Running Lights

    Day Running Lights are mandatory in 90% of the world’s countries. Tell that to an Eskimo.

  • Automotive LED Supplies

    Automotive LED Supplies is a full line of Automotive Lighting and Signage Products

  • LED Emergency and Strobe LED lights

    LED Emergency and Strobe Lights are most often only used by Towing Services, Fire Depts., Police Depts., EMS/Ambulances and the Military … Bad Boy, Bad Boy Whatcha Gonna Do… Whatcha Gonna Do When Dey Come For You

  • LED Work Lights

    LED Work Lights are used in numerous applications where there is little or no natural lighting such as Automotive Shops, Construction Sites, or Mining Operations Or where there needs to be a higher intensity of lighting such as in a hospital, doctor’s office or dentist’s office. “Something to think about the next time you’re having all your teeth pulled.”

  • LED Accent Lighting

    LED Accent Lighting allows you to modify the atmosphere in any indoor or outdoor living space, no matter if it’s business or residential. It’s Magic!

  • LED Truck and Trailer Lights

    LED Truck & Trailer Lights are designed with safety and dependability in mind. “10-4 Good Buddy!”

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