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LED Lighting Fixtures

LightingOEM has been in the process of developing Lay-in Lighting Fixtures and other LED Commercial Lighting Fixtures...



  • LED Cabinet Lights

    LED Cabinet Lights are an exceptional energy-saving, maintenance-free, environmentally-friendly, UV-clean way to save money, energy and the longevity of your product. “Try some. We guarantee you’ll be amazed!!!”

  • LED Canopy Lights

    LightingOEM has designed various models of both the completed LED Canopy Light, as well as the LED Canopy Light Retro-Fit Kit in both a metal product and in a liquid-cooled, heat-sink system for superior performance. “We like to give people choices!!!!”

  • LED Ceiling Mount Lights

    Our LED, Ceiling-Mounted Lighting Fixtures are available in Custom Styles, as well as, Designs for both Commercial and Residential applications. LightingOEM looks for the opportunity to design new styles of lighting fixtures at no charge to you. “ Aren't we nice?”

  • LED Explosion Proof Lights

    LED is really not a light at all . Light is created from heat. LED Light is created from an electronic image produced by a proton and a neutron molecule. No heat means no explosion. “We’re not only friendly… we’re smart and safe, too.”

  • LED Flood Lights

    LED Flood Lights save both maintenance and energy. A good example is if you took a 400 Watt Metal Halide Lighting Fixture and either replaced it or retro-fitted it with a 120 Watt LED Lighting System. You would save 360 Watts of power consumption per kilowatt hour… leaving you with more energy for the sweeter things in life!!!

  • LED High Bay Lights

    The LED High Bay Lights are available with or without aluminum reflectors and lenses Or acrylic reflectors and lenses… you say tomàto --- I say tomâto !!!

  • LED Gas Station Lights

    LED Gas Station Lights are, really, a very important part of your business because they provide safety & security on your premises… not to mention, you need to look open for business… Fill ‘er up with the LED, please!!!

  • LED Grow Lights

    LED Grow Lights are an energy-efficient way of increasing the production of plant-life in your garden. "Hey,“ is that a zucchini or are you just glad to see me?”

  • LED Recessed Lights

    LED Recessed Lights, aka, Recessed Down Lights are a super, cost-effective alternative to help our customers save, not only money but also the aggravation of maintenance and service. You know we love you!!!

  • LED Residential Lighting

    LED Residential Lighting has come a long way in the lighting industry. Lighting OEM is now able to supply most any lighting fixture housing design you could ask for which incorporates the most energy-efficient, LED, lighting system. “Beam me up, Scotty!!!”

  • LED Stage Lighting

    LED Stage Lighting can enhance any event or stage performance, whether indoor or outdoor. We can’t guarantee you’ll be opening for the Rolling Stones but you can rest assured that you’ll be the star at your next backyard patio party!!!

  • LED Street Lights

    Cities & communities around the world are waking-up to the idea of using LED Street Lights or retro-fitting their old existing lighting systems with our exclusive LED Retro-Fit Kit, in order to help save the environment, save energy and most importantly, save YOU money. “Who said we don’t know how to multi-task?”

  • LED Strips Lights

    LED Strip Lights are a fantastic way to either ‘light-up’ an area or ‘accent-light’ any living space. “I tawt I taw a puttytat.”

  • LED Track Lighting

    LED Track Lighting is focused on lighting-up displays, photos, paintings or anything presented in a public fashion……. within reason, of course!!!

  • LED Tube Lights

    LED Tube Lights are available in a variety of shapes and sizes for the discriminating connoisseur. “We love you… Aaaand, we have excellent taste!!!”

  • LED Wall Mounted Lights

    All LED Wall-Mounted Lighting Fixtures are available in various shapes and sizes as well as, wattages and voltages. Also available is an LED Retro Fit Kit which can be used to modify most any existing Wall Pack Lighting Fixtures. “We guarantee to get you whatever you need!!!”

  • LED Wall Pack Lights

    LED Wall Pack Lights are available in all sizes, wattages and voltages. “Different strokes for different folks!!!”

  • LED Tunnel Light

    LED Tunnel Lights are used everywhere transportation moves underground. Trains, subways and automobile underpasses are the bulk of our users.

  • LED Sports Stadium Lights

    LED Sports Stadium Lights help to cut costs in both energy consumption and long-term maintenance by reducing the amount of energy used and minimizing any repair costs. “Now, you can watch ‘the game’ and not have to feel guilty!!!”

  • LED Spot Light
  • LED Parking Lot Lights

    LED Parking lot lights can protect your car from vandalizm. Lets light those parking lots up.

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