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LED Parts

LED Parts are the core of all of our LED Lighting Products and are mainly sold to our OEM Manufacturing Assembly...



  • LED Drivers

    LED Drivers are the power supply for all LED components --- Leave the “driving” to us!!!

  • LED Capacitors

    LED Capacitors are an integral part of all LED Electronic Products. They’re the cream in the LED coffee!!!

  • LED Electronic Display Sign Controller Systems

    Alongside today’s technology, Lighting OEM has evolved through many phases of development!!!

  • LED Lighting Controller Systems

    With today’s advanced technology, Lighting OEM is capable of controlling your Lighting System in a number of different ways. Don’t worry, we’re in ‘control’.

  • LED Motion Sensors

    LED Motion Sensors have applications for both indoor and outdoor use and are commonly found commercially as well as residentially. Robin Hood would have worked for Lighting OEM.

  • LED PCB Boards

    LED PCB Boards can be arranged in multiple layers – with many functions - depending upon the application it is being utilized within. Lighting OEM is like the 7-Layer Chocolate Cake of the LED world!!!

  • LED Plastic Injection Molding

    In recent years, Lighting OEM has become the industry leader in LED Lighting Technology. Our LED Plastic Injection Molding equipment can be used to manufacture lighting and signage housing as well as, other aspects of the gestalt LED process. “Das ist Wunderbar!!!”

  • LED Wire & Cables
  • LED Heat Sinks

    LED Heat Sinks are crucial to the design of any LED Lighting Product. Without them, your product would become problematic. Lighting OEM has your back. Let THEM take the ‘heat’.

  • LED Connectors & Adapters
  • LED Lighting Fixture Housings

    LED Light Fixture Housings are fixtures with no LEDs and no drivers, just empty fixture we can customize it to your needs.

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