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Lighting OEM offers you a wide range of LED display systems and services with a 24 x 7 support. We’re large enough to...



  • LED Electronic Display Signs

    LED Electronic Display Signs are a great way to let the world know what you think, whether it’s an LED outdoor billboard, LED message centre or an LED marquis. “And you thought I was psychic!!!”

  • LED Advertising Systems

    Lighting OEM offers both indoor and outdoor LED, static & motion advertising signs.

  • LED Chalkboard

    LED Chalkboards allow you to place hand-written messages such as food menus, product lists, price lists, etc. instantaneously and can be changed regularly. “Now you see it – now you don’t!”

  • LED Channel Letters

    LED Channel Letters come in an assortment of popular fonts which can be front-lit, back-lit, side-lit with many options for colours and actions. “It’s great to have options!”

  • LED Flashing Display Boards

    LED Flashing Display boards offer you an LED static sign with the option to incorporate motion lighting as well as colour

  • LED Gas Signs

    LED Gas Signs allow for changing your gas prices on a whim.

  • LED Indoor Display Signs

    Led Indoor Display Signs help you advertise, post messages and to communicate with your employees

  • LED Outdoor Display Signs

    LED Outdoor Display Signs are used for advertising, displaying messages and attracting customers to your business

  • LED Static Sign Displays

    LED Static Sign Displays are the most popular way to have a stationary message that can help you generate business.

  • LED Display Controllers

    LED Display Controllers come in a number of different configurations

  • LED Display Modules

    LED Display Modules come in various sizes

  • LED Dance Floors Systems

    LED Dance Floor Systems can be operated by motion sensor technology as well as, DMX and/or Analog Control. Stop being a control freak and let Lighting OEM guide you!!!

  • LED Light Boxes

    LED Light Boxes are a great maintenance-free way to have a static, LED sign

  • 3D Signs

    3D Signs can grab anyone's attention. And you don't even need 3D glasses. AMAZING!!!

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