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About Us

Our Business Model

Our company is based on the rule of three, ONE world, ONE team, ONE platform. This enables us to be aligned, focused and responsive.

By creating ONE team and by using ONE platform all around our ONE world, we are able to ensure that our team members are well informed, prepared and motivated to implement company processes, practices and procedures. This synergistic approach ensures the highest team member morale, the best customer service and the highest quality control for our products. 

One World One Team

Our Founding Principles

Our founding principles are Integrity, Loyalty, Respect, Courage, Transparency, Focus and Collaboration. Our golden rule: Treat employees, coworkers, bosses, partners and customers, as you would have them treat you.

Our Company

We are an American owned company with dedicated manufacturing facilities in China; where we design, manufacture and distribute our products to countries all around the globe. Our American owner/inventor has over 30 years experience in the lighting & sign industry, including 14 years experience with LEDs. He lives in China to be better able to run our factory, maintain quality control and lead our team of engineers and designers.

LightingOEM is a global market leader in LED lighting, with recognized expertise in the development, manufacturing and application of energy efficient and energy saving products. Our expertise, knowledge and reach create value for our customers.

Our Mission

At LightingOEM our mission is to build the best products, cause no unnecessary harm and use business to inspire and implement solutions for the sustainability of businesses, communities and the environment!


Our vision is to transform the world by reducing everyone’s lighting energy consumption. We will achieve this through excellence in products, excellence in communication and excellence in processes.

Our Team

With over 30+ years combined experience in the LED industry, we can say, “LightingOEM is your number one source for LED energy efficient, energy saving products.”

In addition we have over 30+ years of information technology experience and 15+ years experience working in the home improvements industry working for big box retailers like Sears and The Home Depot. We understand the complexity of communication between all parties, we not only understand it, we’ve practiced it.

We have established a globally dynamic team based on trust, communication and customer service, LightingOEM seeks out the best people for manufacturing, purchasing, R&D, sales and customer service.

Our team collaborates with architects, lighting designers, city planners, public authorities, and ordinary homeowners, to produce green lighting and signage solutions that enhance people’s lives.

Our Products

We manufacture a full line of innovative LED lighting and signage products. Our unique “heat sink” technology makes our proprietary “heat sinks” 20% more efficient than any of our competitor’s products. This means our LED lighting products will have a longer life than our competitor’s. Also our patented one of a kind “Connect-O-Tube” design can connect together LED tubes to make whatever length a customer may need.

Because there are no middlemen, we are in the unique position to be able to offer a superior product at a lower price.


At LightingOEM we make it a top priority to communicate openly and frequently with our customers and our team players. We are ALL constantly working on improving communication. It is OUR #1 priority. TOGETHER we can make it happen.

James Scott

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