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At LightinOEM we design and build lighting solutions for the next century. We’re building products that will change the way the world uses energy. Our employees solve problems that affect our thousands of customers every day in a fun and fast-paced environment.

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Why LightingOEM?

Walk around our office and you’ll see lots of unique things: a fridge fully stocked with free beer and snacks, ping pong and foosball tables, co-workers choreographing a flash mob. The atmosphere here is seriously productive without being too serious. Flexible hours, unlimited vacation time, and tuition reimbursement that kicks in on day one create an environment that balances freedom with accountability to an unprecedented degree. We can promise you this: Your brain will be used, your hard work will be rewarded, and your projects WILL have impact.

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Building The Future of Lighting and Energy

Saving the world and conserving energy calls for new products, and even new ways of building those products. At LightingOEM, we build the products that make the energy saving revolution a reality. That means we innovate, invent, and invest daily in our products and our team. Every day, we’re creating something of value; something our customers love and that we’re proud to stand behind.

Why Product at LightingOEM?

We’ve built a small, tightly knit, and ridiculously productive Product team at LightingOEM. We ship products, test fast, and plan for a future that scales. Our developers and designers are creative, determined, and deeply skilled, eager to learn, produce, and move fast with a team that shares their passion. Ping pong tables, nerf guns, and regular hacknights aren’t gimmicks around here; they’re evidence of the balance between freedom and accountability that make the Product team go.

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The Way Sales Should Be

You get it. You know. You’re a top performer in sales, and you don’t get there without understanding a thing or two about how this business really works. It’s all about getting the right leads at the right time and building a relationship of trust and respect. Anything else is just shenanigans. Oh, and it helps if you have a world-class products to sell, too.
Welcome to Sales at LightingOEM.

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Why Sales at LightingOEM?

There’s something special about the Sales team at LightingOEM. It’s got something to do with how much we believe in what we sell. It’s got a fair bit to do with how we balance serious work with serious play. We’ve built a culture at LightingOEM that combines the best of competitiveness and camaraderie, coaching and collaboration, and our results speak for themselves. If you’re ready to join a team that loves what they sell, loves to sell, and loves to sell with each other, drop us a line.

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The Way Marketing Should Be

Marketing has changed. We’re in the midst of a wholesale transformation in the marketing world -- from outbound to inbound -- and LightingOEM is leading the charge. The Marketing team at LightingOEM is filled with people who are passionate about changing the way the world does marketing, and who relish the challenge of re-inventing the revolution every day.

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Why Marketing at LightingOEM?

The marketing revolution is happening right before our eyes. And the marketing team at LightingOEM isn't just talking about it, we're blazing that trail every day. We're insatiable content creators with a burning hot love for data. A spirit of entrepreneurial zeal pervades the place, as we are an agile team that has to move fast and produce results if we’re going to keep on making the world safe for inbound marketing. If you want to be in the vanguard of the revolution, drop us a line.

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A New Approach to Customer Success

At LightingOEM, we take the view that our customers are the most important part of our business. That means that we take them seriously, value their feedback highly, and knock ourselves out daily trying to help them succeed. The Services team is the human face of the LightingOEM products -- a helping hand, an understanding ear, and a sympathetic eye.

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Why Services at LightingOEM?

You love being on the front lines; teaching people how to succeed with the latest products and designs, building their confidence and skills, and supporting them at every single stage of the customer lifecycle. Services team members at LightingOEM combine an astonishing level of technical prowess with a true empathy for the customer, resulting in helpful guidance, timely assistance, and an extraordinary level of care that you just don’t find anywhere else.

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Team Development

Cultivating the Next Crop of LightingOEMers

We don’t do business-as-usual at LightingOEM, and that definitely extends to our approach to recruiting, staffing, training and development. Our company is growing fast, and in order to support that growth and achieve our goal of transforming the way the world does marketing, we need to hire and support a team of like-minded folks who are driven to deliver on the mission of LightingOEM.

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Why Team Development at LightingOEM?

You can’t build a transformative company without transformative people. Our Team Development folks take a unique approach to finding, attracting, hiring, and keeping happy our world-class team of red-white-and-blue-blooded LightingOEMers. While we’re at it, we’re designing a whole new approach to recruiting, training, and the care and feeding of a happy, healthy team of LightingOEMers. Because around here, “unorthodox” and “innovative” aren’t fighting words, they’re compliments

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